Midterm Part IV – Oscar Buzz at UO Science Complex

Most students, whether studying or passing through the Lokey Science Complex at the University of Oregon, simply don’t care about the Oscars. Many students had never seen the Oscars, some had watched them one or two times in the past, and a select few made a habit of watching the annual ceremony.

Still, through Facebook or another social medium, some students were tuned into what the film industry has been buzzing about. The Oscars are a renowned annual ceremony, which garner prestige and desirability for any victorious works or persons. The four most anticipated categories are Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Upon being informed of the contenders, Tyler said, “I’m going to wait to see what wins, and then maybe that will convince me to see it.” He also said he wanted to see Zero Dark Thirty, and he really wanted to see Django Unchained, both in the race for Best Picture. Most of the other students scatted around Willamette Hall hadn’t seen any of the Best Pictures nominees, nor did they know who was running. However, upon a little prodding and informing, some students had feelings one way or another to some of the contenders.

Amy Johnson admitted to having an obsession for Jennifer Lawrence, who is in the running for the Best Actress award. The only contender for Best Picture Adams had seen was Silver Linings Playbook, in which Jennifer Lawrence delivers her Oscar-nominated performance. “They say it’s a comedy, but it’s more than that I think,” Adams said of the film. On Bradley Cooper, a contender for Best Actor who starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, Adams said, “I think he did a really good job.”

Django Unchained, a film by Quentin Tarantino, was significantly popular among the science students. “Tarantino is in his prime,” said Gordon Lango. “The script was spectacular, as well as the cinematography,” he added. Lango wants Django Unchained to win, but he admitted he’s biased because it’s the only nominated film he saw. Felix is also rooting for Django Unchained. “It’s a sensitive subject [slavery] but they make it more watchable, and they added in funny parts,” he said of the film. Several other students had either seen or were rooting for Django Unchained, or both. This seemed in part due to the movie have a notable director, popular among young people; Quentin Tarantino. Taylor Pierce compared the film to Kill Bill, one of Tarantino’s most iconic films. 

As a whole, most science students were studying rigorously and were perturbed to be interrupted. It would seem the science complex is the wrong place for movie industries researchers to gather any information about potential Oscar winners.




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