Glenwood: Not rolling out red carpet for Oscars

By: Kathy Kwong


Glenwood area members voiced their opinions of the upcoming Oscars.

GLENWOOD, Ore.- Members in the Glenwood neighborhood express their thoughts regarding the upcoming 85th Oscar Academy Awards. Hollywood was not a pressing topic for business owners and employees of Glenwood on Wednesday afternoon.

The 2013 Oscars are approximately two weeks away. Actors, actresses, directors, writers and producers are preparing for the big night when their hard work and outstanding performances could bring home the gold-plated statuette. Movie buffs and critics will also be awaiting this night to watch hard working individuals of Hollywood rewarded for bringing continuous entertainment to the big screen. Glenwood area members, however, are not preparing. Several members of the community haven’t a clue who the 2013 nominees are.

“The Oscars? It is a pointless waste of time,” Andy Brown, a Dari Mart employee, said.

“There are too many poor people in this neighborhood to care about that [The Oscars]”.

Several other members of Glenwood stated that Hollywood was so far from reality they just don’t get involved. The term “Oscars” didn’t start conversation or mean much to employees of Glenwood area businesses. Many of them, while shaking their heads, said they were simply out of touch and that Hollywood is not what it used to be.

“I love stories. Movies today have no story,” Dennis Lyons employee of Myrmo & Sons said.

Lyons added that movies today are not the same as they were in the 1950s, when films like Whistle Down the Wind should have been considered an Oscar-winner as opposed to movies that “blast you with special effects”.

“Too much time and money these days is creating a reckless generation,” Lyons said. Other members say they haven’t been to the movies in a long time.

Glenwood is a small community between the Springfield and Eugene area. There are no movie theaters. The only resemblance of Hollywood here may be the balloon lights looming around the construction of the I-5 corridor, which are not awaiting a ‘take one’ call.

In a time when this community is undergoing improvement and urban development to liven up the area, the multi-million dollar event is not one of pressing matter to its community members.

Wanda Bull, an employee at the Glenwood Dari Mart said, “There are more pressing issues at this time than to deal with the Oscars. We have homelessness, hunger is rampant, there’s no place for kids to play.”

While filmmakers, directors and artists strive for cinematic achievement, Glenwood area members will focus on building up its community so people have a welcoming and safe place to reside.

“Actors and actresses are narcissistic in today’s world,” Lyons said. “They’re out in the forefront and that reflects what attitudes are about.”

Attitudes and opinions aside, the 2013 Academy Awards will air live on ABC at 7 p.m. eastern time.

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