The Oscars and Why UO Students Aren’t Going To Watch

The Oscars And Why UO Students Aren’t Going To Watch

Home of UO's school of Architecture and Allied Arts. Photo by Brad Miller.

Home of UO’s school of Architecture and Allied Arts. Photo by Brad Miller.

In the midst of earning a degree from the University of Oregon, students say that a lack of time and perhaps a lack of familiarity with the nominees will play a crucial role in why some won’t be watching the Oscars.

Eugene, Ore.- The Oscars ceremony, which was viewed by 41.7 million people in 2011, seems to be a hot topic among Americans but not among UO students. In the wake of academics and an undoubtedly busy schedule, it seems hard to find time to sit down and watch a four hour televisions program, especially if you’re a student. With the stress of studying and trying to find time just to prepare a late night meal, young people in Eugene aren’t partaking in this years buzz around the awards and possibly even the movies and actors being nominated.

Categories like Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, and Best Director, are highlighting the award ceremony on February 24, but students are indifferent to who wins or losses. Despite the overwhelming hype and publicity that the ceremony will receive, students at the UO still say that they are unfamiliar with not only the actors/actresses but also the movies they starred in.

Ariadne Cluver, a Senior studying Biology, enjoys movies but admits that she hasn’t seen any of the films being nominated for Best Picture. “Those are all movies I’m interested in seeing, but there is always something else to do besides go to the theaters and battle the crowds. I’m graduating this term, I’m busy!”

Wes Thompson, a 5th year Senior studying Architecture, also agrees that his busy schedule will prevent him from tuning in to ABC on the 24th and said, “ I don’t really watch TV that much and have been really busy.” Although Wes does watch movies, he hasn’t seen many of the movies being nominated for Best Picture. “I saw Life of Pi… I thought the story was really interesting. Having not read the book, I thought it was an interesting situation.”

Although finding time and enough motivation to go out and pay to watch a film seems to limit students to their predictions of who will win an Oscar this year, Kelly Keese, a senior studying Art History, wasn’t afraid to share her opinion of who would take home some gold. She was rooting for Jennifer Lawrence {Silver Linings Playbook} to earn the title as this year’s best actress, saying, “ I liked Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. She says some of the weirdest things. She did a good job with a character what I think would be hard to play. It wasn’t someone you’d meet everyday, so she did a good job of being her character.”

This year’s ceremony will mark the 85th time the Oscars are being held and will commemorate actors/actresses like Hugh Jackman [Les Misérables], Denzel Washington [Flight], Naomi Watts [The Impossible], and Jessica Chastain [Zero Dark Thirty.]

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