Loitering in Lawerence: An Observation Assignment


Lawrence Hall is home to the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture and Allied Arts (AAA). Photo by Callie Gisler.

Post and photo by Callie Gisler.

In the corridors of Lawrence Hall lingers the faint sound of student voices, footsteps from the upper floors. The building feels alive with a buzz of creative energy, from the architecture students in their studios to patrons milling through the latest exhibit hanging in the the Laverne Krause Gallery. Lawrence Hall, tucked between Allen Hall and Pacific Hall, is home to the University’s architecture and various art programs.

At the first floor entrance, highlighted by demanding green walls, a dark-haired student pushes her way through the double doors. Her backpack swells from with weight and she readjusts the strap as she steps into the main lobby. It is nearly 2:30 p.m., and from her relaxed demeanor, she must have arrived early for a class. She lingers for a moment at the doors, then moves down the hall with determination and a destination in mind.

Across the lobby, wide windows offer a glimpse into a quiet office – home to the school’s Dean. A blonde receptionist, wearing a bright printed top, sits slouched at her computer as she types a document.  Seemingly alone in the spacious office, the expression on her face is peaceful, yet uninterested.

From around the corner, three students emerge from the open gallery space and move towards the front doors. “It’s a cool concept,” says a tall man in a black sweatshirt and backpack slung casually across his back.

“I don’t understand what they meant, but it’s a cool idea I guess.” He jerks his head back towards the gallery, commenting on whatever exhibit is on display that day.

“I think the artist had too much going on. It’s overwhelming,” says his friend with a wave of her hand. She is short with thick brown waves and vintage-inspired lenses perched on her thin nose.

The third student, another woman with dark hair and a colorful bag over her shoulder, nods in agreement. The trio push their way through the front door and their conversation fades into the cool February air.

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