Observation Assignment —-Science


The Willamette Hall, By Will Yang

I was sitting in the Willamette Hall on Friday afternoon. The time is around the 2:00, and I saw a lot of people were sitting in the first floor in the building, and there also were some people were crossing the building. Some of people may just done for their classes, and they were going to go home or going to the office of teachers’. The students who were sitting in the building at the first floor, some of them were talking to their friends, and some of them were reading whom only sitting by themselves.

The general environment of the building is very quite, and the smell is very academically. I can saw everyone who was in the building was trying to study very hard. I do not sure if it was real, but I think I smelled something about the science. The reason may because Willamette Hall is the Science building. In fact, I feel the chairs in the building are not comfortable than the Allen Hall.

A man with short hair and he was wearing the jean and green “O” T-shirt. He is talking with a girl and talking about something. His backpack’s band is Columbia and color is black with waterproof material. He has black Nike running shoes and there are some books on his hands. She was wearing a white fashion clothe and a jean. I thought they were in the same class. I heard they were talking about an interesting teacher in their class.

M: He is so interesting, and I feel his class is kind of easier I thought before.

G: Yes, you are right, but I don’t know about the mid-term. Next week we will have a mid-term. I hope it will be very easy.

M: I hope so, he said he would post an example of exam before tonight, I think it may same as the example.

G: right, hope I know a lot answers about the example.

M: yes, so if you have some questions you can ask me, I think I will do the example tomorrow, and hope I know all of them.

G: really? Thank you!

M: No problem, by the way, I remember the exam is next Friday, so we have enough time, don’t worry!

G: ok, I have to go, call you tomorrow.

M: yeah, take care.

After their talking, the girl left from the front door of the Hall, and the man still sitting in the building, and he started to read a book which may about his class.

About Linhan Yang

A Chinese student at the University of Oregon.
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