Gateway Spying

Springfield OR— It’s 11:40 a.m. on Sunday and the Gateway neighborhood of Springfield is busy with an abundant amount of cars and people. Walking into a coffee shop in the neighbor this trend continues, as there is a line for coffee and limited table space.

The coffee shop is well decorated with various paintings on the walls, giant mirrors, spotlights and display tables full of new coffee blends, mugs, gifts and syrups. The sound of an espresso machine fills the room as everyone from the line orders their drinks. The sound of barista’s calling out orders such as “skinny vanilla latte” and “grande white mocha” is heard along with the sounds of conversations and elevator jazz music that is playing in the background.  There are hardly any tables available to sit at due to the shop being so packed, there’s a table of two older women and an older gentlemen sitting and talking about the week past as they sip on their coffees.

About 10 minutes after being at the shop, the line starts to slow and the sound of the espresso machine is no longer constant. The sound of the barista’s talking starts to fill the air being that they now no longer have orders to be completed.  The table of the older women and gentleman start to gather their belongings and leave, but are met at the door by a mom in a bright pink peacoat and her two daughters dressed in pink sparkly dresses. “I see your getting your after church coffees,” the mom says to the group of three as they’re getting ready to leave.

After saying goodbyes, the mom and the two girls continue up to the coffee counter to order, followed, a group of two younger ladies who had walked in after them for a coffee date together, they proceed to the cashier and ordered. “Grande Mocha,” the barista says. The two ladies grab their coffees and sit down at a small table for two and start catching up on the past week.

By: Aleecia Moss

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