Observation Assignment: Glenwood, Ore.


Photo By: Alan Sylvestre

A woman wearing a blue fleece jacket races to the driver’s side of her Dodge Charger yielding today’s copy of The Register Guard in her left hand at 12:30. As she drives off down Franklin Blvd., numerous cars and trucks race by with loads of recycling, no doubtfully on their way to Bring’s Recycling located roughly half-a-mile down the street.

The smell of water mixed with pizza dough radiates from Roaring Rapids Pizza, located right across the street from numerous shops and service stations. As this smell radiates across the street, another Dodge Charger pulls up to in front of the Dari Mart and a woman exits the car and walks into the store with a black backpack thrown over her left shoulder and a pack of Marlboro’s in her left hand. When she exits, a man arrives on his black road bike and asks the woman for a smoke. She acknowledges his request, and pulls one cigarette out and lights it for him.

After this exchange occurs, a large F-350 pulled in at 12:42. The truck was a darker shade of grey with a blue pinstripe running from just behind the headlight, down to the taillight. A small black lab sat at attention in the passenger seat. The driver was wearing a blue collared shirt and dark blue jeans.

The previously mentioned man on the bicycle says to the man in the F-350, “Formaldehyde.” Confused by the interesting remark, the ford owner walked into the store and proceeded to buy a pack of cigarettes and a one line Powerball ticket. While he was in the store, which was for approximately 5 minutes, the man with the bike strolls slowly over to the public phone and puts a Rockstar into his pocket.

When the Ford owner exits the store, the man with the bike walks back up to him and says, “Can I have a ride?” Extremely befuddled with the request from this man, the Ford owner ponders his response in his head before saying to the man, “Sure. For $15.” The two men agree on the price and walk back to the Ford, where they enter the truck one at a time, and drive due west on Franklin Blvd.


Photo By: Alan Sylvestre

After this seemingly innocent interaction, a Toyota pulls up with a screech as loud as an angry owl in the night, and two men, both of who are wearing blue plaid jackets, get out and pop the hood, where they begin to discover the problems with the truck. One of the men reaches his hand into the engine and begins to scream when his hand burns from the hot radiator. “OOUUCCCHHHHH,” he exclaims when he realizes the implications of his actions.

After careful examination, this time from a greater distance to avoid searing fingertips, they come to the conclusion that a trip to NAPA Auto Parts is necessary. The man without the burn picks up his phone and calls his friend to assist them with a lift.

About alansylvestre

I'm a professional videographer and photographer My interests in storytelling are related to the way people interact with governing bodies, and vice versa. I find joy in telling stories around human interest. My specialties are in videography and photography.
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