Gateway Observations

Abandoned shopping cart.Photo by Tal Mizrachi.

Abandoned shopping cart.
Photo by Tal Mizrachi.

The Gateway neighborhood is a busy place come evening time. With many cars driving to and from the area the air is filled with the smells of fresh air and gas fuels. There is a Register-Guard newspaper stand to the right with an empty cup on top of it, and to the left of me someone seems to have left a bottle of Mountain Dew. Most of the cars that drive by have some sort of Oregon sticker on them showing lots of school pride in the Gateway community. Traffic is dictating the noise level and it varies between being extra loud when the buses are there and the cars are driving by to even being nearly silent at one point when there was no traffic around and just the wind was blowing.

A bus arrives at 4:54 PM and about eight people get on. Most of the people sitting around the area have shopping bags or food containers. At 4:56 a man is seen running towards the bus hoping not to be to late, he makes it on time and at 4:57 the bus departs.

A car comes into the bus lane to drop a man off at 4:59 and then the car pulls off into the main road and continues on their way. This man is walking around alone looking at the bus schedules and walking back and forth. At 5:04 the man is still pacing through the area.

At 5:05 a man walks by with lots of shopping bags and groceries. He sets them down and pulls out a cigarette and his phone and begins to smoke and dial someone. At 5:07 the air is beginning to smell of cigarette smoke which is making it hard to breathe. At 5:08 this man begins to make a call but the cars are to loud and it is hard to tell if anyone has answered or not. He is still smoking. At 5:09 the cars have slowed down and the man is beginning to be heard while on the phone but it is still hard to hear what he is actually saying. He is rummaging through his pockets as if he is looking for something then suddenly stops. All the while he is pacing in a small area and still smoking. He hangs up the phone, put it away and continues to smoke. He then realizes a bus is coming, stops smoking, pick up his bags, and walks towards the bus. He gets on the bus at 5:10 and it leaves at 5:11.


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