#WJChat on Training

Today’s topic on #wjchat is whether or not we spend enough time on training. I spend a ton of time training because I’m studying this in college, but even so, I feel there’s always room for more. After discussing that, question three was on whether more time should be spent on content or tools.
  1. Tonight we’re talking about why training still matters in 2013 with @gteresa! There’s still time to send in your Qs #wjchat
  2. @wjchat A2 Training is useless if you aren’t applying it to your work. That’s the real key to making any difference #wjchat
  3. MT @SylvestreAlan: #wjchat The most important training journalists need is accuracy in era of technology. We dont spend enough time on this!
  4. Q2 We probably spend too much time on “basic training” though there’s still a need for it. #wjchat
  5. @wjchat A2: Training has to be strategic, purposeful. We can’t expect everyone to learn every new thing and do it well #wjchat
  6. If you’re not learning/training 24/7, #yerdoingitwrong RT @wjchat: Q2 Do we spend too much time on training? Or not enough? #wjchat
  7. @wjchat A2 Not enough, at all, ever. Not to say that there’s always time for more, but there’s always more to learn. #wjchat
  8. @wjchat The right tools can make the right content better. Can’t make awesome if you don’t know how. #wjchat
  9. @wjchat Q3 The point of learning tech/tools isn’t the tech/tools. It’s how we use them for content/storytelling/journalism/etc. #wjchat

About alansylvestre

I'm a professional videographer and photographer My interests in storytelling are related to the way people interact with governing bodies, and vice versa. I find joy in telling stories around human interest. My specialties are in videography and photography.
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