Why This Is So Good

By: Aleecia Moss

The field of sports writing and reporting hasn’t always been so diverse and filled with positions held by both men and women. An article written by Christina Kahrl titled “Get Used to It: Women Cover Sports,” that was featured on ESPN explains this new phenomenon perfectly.

“Naturally, as press boxes and newsrooms have become increasingly diverse, women in the booth and at the keyboard have earned their place. For some — including me — women like Gayle Gardner, who first appeared on the national stage with ESPN in 1983, have been role models.”

Sports conference made up of a female and male audience. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sports conference made up of a female and male audience.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This article is a great article because not only is it written by a female sports writer, but its also about female sports writers and reporters and their jump to the top of the sports entertainment industry, therefore covering all basis.  A major section of this article talks about the misconception that goes along with women sports writers and the brutal treatment they recieve from viewers and readers everyday challenging their position on a sports related issue.

“Perhaps that kind of patient diplomacy will be forever necessary. But one hopes the number of men who assume that women must know less, that they must need help talking about a topic that men know and love, is shrinking. For the men reading this: Ask yourself how you would feel and how you would respond if the automatic assumption was that you were less capable because of what you are. Do you have the strength to withstand the “constant blows” that Gayle Gardner warns of?”

In all, this article is a great example of a well written sports article because it gets down to the real issues that are presented in sports writing, especially with those dealing with women. Kahrl wasnt afraid to go outside the box and talk about the real issues that go with this topic, making it one of the best of its kind.



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  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Good read.

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