What makes a Women’s Basketball feature so good?


Maggie Lucas practicing her shots at the Narbeth courts that she loves so much.
Photo from ESPNW.com

When trying to find beats about women’s basketball, the first place I check is ESPNW.com. That seems to be the number one place for news on women’s sports and they always have new posts about women’s college and professional basketball teams. As I was looking for a feature to write about, I stumbled upon a blog post that Maggie Lucas, a player from the Penn State women’s basketball team, wrote that I thought was interesting because she gave her perspective on why she loves what she does and why she continues to do it.

Lucas gave a detailed description of the Narberth courts that she shoots at, the surrounding area, and how she feels when she is on the court. She even mentioned of story in which she ran into NBA great Kobe Bryant on the court and they ended up shooting hoops together. The way that Lucas describes the court makes you feel like you are right there with her. She mentions its history but also shows how it is important to her which is great and meaningful.

This blog is good because Lucas is giving the court that she plays at a new energy. She is bringing it to life by emphasizing how special it is. The way she talks about how she stays until the lights turn off or how the security guard will often remind her when she has to leave makes the court seem personal and fun.

Lucas may be an all star on the Penn State team but it is nice to read this and get the sense that she is just a girl who is doing what she loves, and that’s playing basketball.

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