Glenwood Improvement-Or Not

GLENWOOD, Ore – Not much goes on in the community of Glenwood in the middle of winter. Driving through the unincorporated neighborhood, businesses line Franklin Blvd; a pawn shop, a locksmith, uninhabited buildings, a pizza parlor, a reminiscent gas station minus the gas pumps occupies a large corner just one block from the I-5 bridge. Residential neighborhoods are not seen unless you turn off the busy boulevard and then look carefully amongst tall trees and tucked away hideouts.

The community of Glenwood is approximately a one-mile stretch that lies between Eugene and Springfield. It is under Springfield jurisdiction, with many businesses having a Eugene address. This causes some workers in Glenwood some confusion and frustration.

“It’s mixed here (Glenwood) with a variety of businesses. There are multiple issues here. A capital campaign is going on right now about this business being under Springfield, Eugene as well as Lane County. When we have problems, we must call the Springfield Sheriff. It would be more simple to be under one, I don’t care which one, just one,” says, Judy Bryant, Finance Director and Administrator for BRING’s Recycling, a nonprofit recycling center in Glenwood.

Glenwood is currently undergoing a 20-year Refinement Plan. Citizens of the community have their chance to speak up about changes to their neighborhood. The project, initiated by the Springfield City Council, has goals to redevelop Glenwood into a more pleasing place to live, work and visit. Some residents assume just leave the place as is.

“The project scares me, honestly,” said Ralph Lee, an 8-year resident of Glenwood. Lee enjoys the small town feel and his decent neighbors. He feels that if and when this project follows through, Glenwood will be flooded with low-income housing.

“I don’t want that here. I like being able to have a garden and letting my dog outside for a few minutes,” said Lee. His fear is that housing projects along with new development will “interfere” with his life.

Bryant believes that the Refinement Plan should include roundabouts to Glenwood.

“Roundabouts will improve the look of the area,” said Bryant. “Personally, I like them and Springfield has them so I think we should have some.”

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