Gateway Neighborhood Interviews

By: Aleecia Moss

Springfield, OR- The Gateway neighborhood of Springfield Oregon has a lot to offer due to its wide variety of businesses therefore attracting a lot of people. But, even with the large amount of people and businesses, there is a way too many empty spaces in shopping complex and “for lease” signs. With an abundant amount of people also comes congestion, or at least that’s what the people who work in the Gateway neighborhood say.

Matthew La Shay, who is from Eugene but works at the Fed Ex store in the area stated that the worst part about working in the gateway is, “probably the traffic flow. Anything in the mall area, with just the one strip, get’s pretty backed up. Ridiculously so.” But,  he does like everything else that Gateway has to offer, “I have to give a special shout out to Hop Valley Brewery though.”

Alissa Gerber, who also lives in Eugene but works at the Quizno’s store in the neighborhood also complained about the traffic flow in the Gateway area, “The intersection sucks. Slowest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.” Gerber also commented about the amount of homeless people in the area saying, “We gets bums in here asking for food a lot, which we cant give them. Its really sad.”

The Gateway Mall is probably one of the biggest attractions of the neighborhood and is therefore one of the biggest reason for the constant traffic problem that those in the area complain about. Annah Elliot, an employee at the Hilton Garden Inn, however didn’t have any complaints about the traffic just the mall noting that, ”The mall definitely needs some revamping.” With only a handful of major attractions in the mall, being Target, Cabelas and the movie theaters, the Gateway Mall could definitely use some larger and more popular businesses.

In all, the Gateway neighborhood needs a makeover not only in the business section but also in the traffic flow department.

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