Why’s This so Good? Food Blogs-What we have to learn

As a foodie, I’m naturally drawn to recipes. But recipes and mouth-watering photos to accompany them just make me weak in the knees. But wait, it gets even better. A palate pleasing recipe with photos and the background of how and why this recipe is plate worthy? That is great food and good stories behind how it all came to be.

Terry Boyd is the author of the Blue Kitchen blog, a Chicago based blog for home cooks. Now I wouldn’t call myself a cook, but Boyd makes a masterpiece of his blog with artful, colorful photos and uses only fresh ingredients for his creations.

I find his blog so informative for this reason. I am inspired and admire that he has crafted his own recipes from foods and techniques from around the globe. Food lovers generally care about where their food comes from (at least I hope), so it is important and informative for Boyd to share some rich history of how his fabulous recipes were inspired.

Boyds blog first captured my eyes with his enticing photo of coq au riesling. Yes, riesling. It is actually a re-invented twist to the coq au vin. For those unfamiliar to the French inspired dish, it is basically chicken cooked in red wine. However, as the name suggests, coq au riesling is made with a dry, white wine. It is DIVINE.

Blue Kitchen does a damn good job of keeping me informed. What better way to start a conversation over breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner, whatever time, than to learn of where your food originated and how it got on your plate as it did.

I had never even heard of such a dish, but as a food lover and one that is visually stimulated, this blog instantly caught my eye and had my palate begging to try. So I obliged.

This is what makes the blog so good. People are visually stimulate. When it comes to food, a picture paints a thousand words-yes? Foodies are drawn to good looking food and even more so when they’re made with fresh ingredients, inspired from around the world and are not hard to make. Boyd does all of the above and goes above and beyond to show his love for his work and his food.


Coq Au Riesling. Photo from blue-kitchen.com

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