Tweeting Travel Writers

By: Casey Pechan

As I said before in a previous post, there are many travel writers out there, and many of them are active on twitter. Selecting the good from the bad, and the informative from the pointless can be difficult, (especially on Twitter), but I believe I have managed to do just that. On a small scale of course. Below are some examples of active tweeters and travels that I have found interesting and have enjoyed following:


Peter S. Greenberg is the Travel Editor for CBS News and regularly appears on CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, and more. He provides up-to-date tips and information about travel, and offers “travel news you can use.” Yes his travel tips might be more commercial and definitely “on the beaten path,” but hey, not all of us can run off into the Amazon with nothing but a backpack and a map. Solid recommendations for itineraries and which airlines to use are always appreciated.


Matt Gross is a travel writer that I have highlighted previously for his Frugal Traveler column in the New York Times, and his continued blogging and travel writing work. He is also the editor of, which I enjoy because for me, food and travel go hand in hand. I certainly make an effort to sample local food wherever I go and I love expanding my food base almost as much as my traveling. Clearly Matt agrees:


Gary Arndt is an interesting travel blogger and photographer to follow simply because of the wide variety of places he has explored. Since 2007, he has traveled to over 120 countries and all seven continents. Many of his tweets are of amazing photos he has taken in various places. So if you want to check out some amazing photography on your Twitter, he is definitely one to follow.


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