The Science Major in the University of Oregon, Neighborhood blog

Eugene, Oregon— Science at the UO campus is playing a perfect role.

Science major at University of Oregon is a big group, and it is working very well for the students who are major in Science major.


Emma Severson, Student at the University of Oregon, Major in Human Physiology

Emma Severson, major in Human Physiology, thinks the Willamette Hall is a very good place. She said: “ I think this place is very good, and the staff is very helpful. Professors are very kind, and the different items are arranged very reasonable.” She also said that the GTF could help her very completely. When she asked to talk about some places need to be improved in the Science major. Emma takes a couple minutes to get a answer from her thoughts. Finally, she just said that if the new science building can have a specific direction for the inside is should be perfectly, because she feel it is easy to get lost only to use the inside map to get the class room.



Johnathan Matson, Student at the University of Oregon, Major in Chemistry

Johnathan Matson major in Chemistry, thinks that chemistry lab is very good, and he says: “the chemistry lab is applied everything I need, and I can do any experiments that I have to.” When he interviewed that to find out some places the science major still have to working on, he smiled and says: “ well, I really do not know, I feel everything is perfect here, and it is good. I really do not know where is some places still need to be improved. I like here very much.” After a few minutes, Johnathan just say that if he cans the help from the chemistry tutors in full time, it should be great.




Catherine Liu, Student at the University of Oregon, Major in Biology,

Catherine Liu, who is major in Biology, said that new science building is cool, and she feels that the lab of biology is also very helped for her. She can do the experiments during all terms in the same place, and no one will use her place when she is using it. She also like the equipment of the new Science Building, she said the equipment they have is the best, and it can really helps her to get the correct results that she need. When she is talking about the negative effect for the new Science Building, she feel the complex may should try to make the environment of the air better in the lab, and the reason is because the air exchange system is does not work very well, and it cause the air in the lab is not very fresh enough. The lab also should open during the weekend, because some time they need do the experiments on the weekend.



Will Yang

Jan 27, 2013.

About Linhan Yang

A Chinese student at the University of Oregon.
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