Food Blogging on Twitter

Food52 was a food blog I found that caught my interest because of the way they started-small and as a community. I think its important to realize that sometimes we just have to start from the very bottom. Thats what Food52 is about. Not only did they start slow and small, but they included people and recipes from around the world to start a diverse cookbook.

The link here is just one of many tweets including recipes for winter meals. I found it fitting for the current weather.

Food bloggers are a huge community on twitter. Working with Food52 is Nicole Franzen whom I believe photographed pictures for them.


Salads are not only good for hangovers…

Laurie is the creator of simply scratch, a food blog she operates with step-by-step recipes WITH photos. The best thing about her recipes besides the previous sentence, is that she makes everything from scratch. I love that she eats, buys and cooks consciously. That alone should inspire people to eat better. With step-by-step cooking directions-why not?

Every good cook (or one in the making) needs good utensils.

An easy step-by-step that looks irresistible:

I can’t get enough of trying new recipes especially when theres claim that its healthier for me. Liz Della Croce shares a recipe here on healthier banana bread. There is such a thing especially if you bake yours with an entire stick of butter. I’m game.

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