Beat Blog on Graphic Design & Layout

I am looking to find writers, bloggers, and tweeters that discuss graphic design and layout. This should be a good experience for me because I do not know many who do write about this topic.

One that I do know, is Craig Robinson, whose website is one of the coolest out there, is my favorite and a big inspiration for me. He writes and designs, something that I would love to do. On his site one can find his writing and he also has a pretty cool tumblr. He uses Twitter to send out links to his blog/website and to show pictures that he has taken.

Another person is the University of Oregon’s own Steven Asbury. He has designed many advertisements and publications for the Eugene/Springfield area and is the head of Asbury Design, which is where you can find his portfolio of work. His Twitter is useful as he tweets out links to great articles with tips and advice for designers.

Simon Garfield is a designer, journalist, and designer who wrote the book “Just My Type” which is all about typography in design, and will be the next book I begin reading. His website has a lot of information about him and his work… if you can navigate past the front page. He, also, is on Twitter.

Steven Kurutz of the New York Times writes a lot about design. He wrote a good article on a design award-winner. He tweets, primarily about architectural design.

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