Who is Covering Marijuana Legalization?

Nick Schwarz

Marijuana legalization is a hot topic. Many different sources are active covering weed related issues on twitter. These updates range from the progress of Marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado to general news about the drug around the country.

Weed Feed is one of these twitter sites that is dedicated solely to covering topics on marijuana.

This article examines how the drug could be abused at ski resorts. If smoking is still outlawed on the mountain how will it be enforced? If someone is deemed intoxicated by the drug who is liable for an accident? The passing of this new law brings about many more questions.

Neighboring states also find themselves in new territory. With legalization passing in Colorado, states such as Montana feel they will see an increase in drug trafficking.

And of course there is still the problem of the drug remaining illegal under federal law.

Hemp News is similar to Weed Feed because they re post news stories from around the country. After weed laws succeeded in passing in Colorado and Washington, talks of the same nature have begun to spring up in other states.

Marijuana Laws is a somewhat different take on following laws surrounding the drug. They look at specific cases and report on them

All eyes are on both Washington and Colorado, in a way they are conducting a social experiment and a faulty start would be detrimental for weed advocates in other states.

There hasn’t been a more interesting time to follow laws concerning marijuana in this country. There are daily updates concerning the ongoing struggle between those that approve of the new law and those opposed to it. In the coming months and years we can expect much more discussion of this hot topic.

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1 Response to Who is Covering Marijuana Legalization?

  1. weedthetruth says:

    And hopefully we can expect far more positive results in years to come.

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