Twitter and Pop Culture

It seems like everyone is tweeting about pop culture these days. One quick look on my Twitter feed and I find everyone’s reaction to last nights episode of the Bachelor and their opinions on Beyoncé’s alleged lip sync at President Obamas inauguration. Of course, all of these Twitter reporters get their information from somewhere, which is where I began my search. A search for the best of the best in the Twitter game when it comes to Pop Culture. Here’s who I found notable:

Perez Hilton

Perez is well known in the celebrity gossip circles for running this blog. The reports on his blog are often times trivial, a story about Mila Kunis’ pilates routine, proves my point. However, he updates his Twitter regularly with what he’s heard or has reported about on his blog. He tends to have an opinion about everything but he does have a broad knowledge base of the industry.

Who doesn’t want to see Silver Linings Playbook after this report?

He also drives traffic to his blog from his Twitter account. I like that he gives enough info in his tweet to understand the updates and that the entire blurb is not one big tease to get to his site.

Rolling Stone

Pop culture goes beyond celeb buzz to include music. Rolling Stone, both the magazine and online versions , is full of up to date news from all genres of music. Their tweets also constantly pushes traffic to their site but it’s easier to scroll through my feed than constantly check their website.

News from the pop-rock scene:

R&B, too:

They add in some television recaps to make RS the full package.

Huffington Post

One of my favorite tweeters is Huffington Post and every tweet sends the reader back to their site. When looking at pop culture, their blog dedicated to the topic is the best bet. The blog doesn’t have it’s own specific Twitter handle but all news feeds into the main handle.  Their feed is on point with fashion, music, movies, celeb and political news. It’s great to see the popular headlines as well as the more important headlines as well.


News of the weird:

Tech news:


Since pop culture is so broad, the best in the Twitter-sphere have to cover more than just one thing to be relevant. It’s information overload to follow an account for all my One Direction (guilty pleasure) news, another for the recap of Girls (new favorite) and a whole other account to release the details on my favorite authors. Twitter superstars have to pull in information from everywhere and Complex Pop Culture pulls it off.

Here’s a story that I didn’t find anywhere else on my feed, this makes Complex a worthwhile follow in my eyes:

Another story no one else is talking about:

And basic television updates mixed in:

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