Most Popular Sixers Tweeters

If your a fan that has a hard time keeping up with the less popular teams in the NBA, this blog is for you.  I’m not a fan of the Lakers, Clippers, or Heat and sadly those three teams seem to be in the spotlight of TNT’s national coverage each week.  So I need to go elsewhere to find stats and highlights of Sixer games, Twitter.

1.  The Philadelphia 76ers official twitter page (@Sixers) offers the most up to date and reliable source when it comes to following Sixers’ games.  With over 158,000 followers, fans from all over the country can stay updated as well as post their own thoughts and opinions concerning the team. Just last night I was unable to watch their much anticipated game against the San Antonio Spurs but because of their twitter page I followed each play down to the final minute.

2. Dei Lynam is the Sixer insider at CSNPhilly and covers every game with impressive highlights and stats.  With over 9,000 followers, she is unarguably one of the better sources to go to for up to date Sixers’ news.

3. My personal favorite tweeter is Dan Gelston.  Gelston is a Philadelphia Sports writer for the Associated Press and also did work with both CBS Philly and the Philadelphia Tribune.  His tweets are a little less objective and tend to be funny analogies and hawked full of opinion.  These are more than entertaining for me, they are extremely critical and often times tend to be true.

In response to the problems that Twitter was having last night during the game…

4.  Adam Aron is the CEO and CO-Owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and with over 26,000 followers on twitter he has proven himself to be a popular member of the Sixer community.  His tweets are optimistic, offering both fans and players advice and encouragement prior to games.

5. Not a very well known Tweeter but one of my personal favorites is John Mitchell, of the Philadelphia Inquirer .  Mitchell is both sarcastic and brutally honest when he tweets about the Sixers.

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