Hotels, Motels, Holiday Inns, and other places to stay in the Gateway Neighborhood

Interior of a Gateway Village Apartment.

Shilo Inn Hotel & Suites

It’s safe to say dog owners will probably enjoy Shilo Inn Hotel & Suites more than cigarette owners. Among many of this Springfield hotel’s amenities are the prohibition of smoking and the permission of dogs for the people staying there. This hotel is located at 3350 Gateway Street, right off of Beltline Road, and it is close to all of the hottest attractions in the Gateway area. Eugene is just a quick drive away if a Shilo resident travels west on Beltline Rd.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites*

This Holiday Inn is basically right across the street — Gateway St., to be specific — from Shilo, also off Beltline Rd. Restaurants are aplenty near this hotel: Shari’s Restaurant and Pies, Jack in the Box, Outback Steakhouse, Denny’s, and Hop Valley Brewing Company are all within the block of this Holiday Inn Express.

*There is a regular Holiday Inn (without Express or Suites in its title) just up the block  from this Express, on Kruse Way.

Best Western Grand Manor Inn

Kruse Way is the hotel/motel sweet spot, apparently. Down the block from the non-Express Holiday Inn is this Best Western, which is literally right beside the next lodging establishment in this post.

Comfort Suites

The address of the Best Western mentioned above: 971 Kruse Way. The address of this Comfort Suites: 969 Kruse Way. People in Springfield looking for a place to stay for a short period of time won’t have trouble finding one if they decide to “kruse” through the Gateway neighborhood.

Super 8

Whoops, wrong one. The hotel version of Super 8 has a location right off Gateway St., and it is right across the parking lot from the Best Western and Comfort Suites.

Gateway Village Apartments

Not every place on this list is just for daily-weekly living. The Gateway Village Apartments are just a hop over the fence from Super 8, and they span about four blocks. There are four sub-complexes within the Village, each made up of one or two-bedroom apartments. The cheapest rates are around $500 and the most expensive are about $660.

Further south on Gateway St., there are several neighborhoods full of houses. There are even more houses just a few blocks to the east.

A few blocks east of Gateway St. on Harlow Road, which is at the southern end of Gateway St., there is an assisted living center called Spring Valley Assisted Living Residence. About a block to the northeast of Spring Valley is another assisted living facility, Chateau Gardens Memory Care and just to the north of that is Gateway Adult Residential Care.

– Victor Flores

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I am a sports journalist who has spent my whole career in the Intermountain West, first in Idaho and now in Montana at the Billings Gazette/ I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2014.
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