Tweeting With Top DIY Bloggers and Writers

DSC_0213Post and photo by Mary Callie Gisler.

From magazines to blogs, do-it-yourself has become a popular conversation topic. Popular bloggers and writers have turned DIY into a popular social media topic as well, especially on Twitter. Topics include home decor, cooking, fashion and accessory ideas, and just about anything else that you could make at home. So what are the top DIY bloggers and writers saying on Twitter?

Blogger Jenni Radosevich is a popular source of DIY inspiration. Her Twitter account has gathered more than 11,000 followers who enjoy her witty combination of daily life and DIY expertise. Last week, Radosevich tweeted a link to one of her recently popular blog posts. These type of social media blasts make her a popular blogger and resource:

Another well-known fashion blogger, Erica Domesek, has also used her Twitter as a tool to communicate with her readers and community. Domesek’s feed is a great source of inspiration, since a majority of her tweets include Instagram photos of her recent projects:

But Twitter is also a popular place for other do-it-yourself topics, such as home improvement and decor. Bob Villa, who has been dubbed “America’s Handyman,” is a popular resource for home renovation and repair. His Twitter account regularly includes links to his website and articles, along with do-it-yourself advice and project ideas:

Do-it-yourself and crafts will continue to be a popular topic on Twitter. The social media platform fosters conversation around the trend, but also offers an informational resource for anyone seeking to learn more.

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