Check Out Downtown Springfield

While Downtown Springfield is only a short drive from the U of O campus. It is often overlooked by students. The Main Street may be small but Downtown Springfield offers more to be curious about than one would think. 

By Casey Pechan

museumThe Springfield Museum is open Tuesdays through Saturdays and offers and array of exhibits and events for all ages. If you are ever in Downtown Springfield for their monthly ArtWalks, be sure to explore the museum which is always an active participant.





Springfield Community Theatre.

Richard E. Wildish Community Theatre.

Springfield is also home to the Richard E. Wildish Community theatre which appears recently renovated, and constantly showcases a variety of plays and musicals.

Springfield Main Street.

Springfield Main Street.




Main Street is clearly the center of downtown, with the greater portion of shopping and dinning located on this street. You will discover and array of second hand shopping, antique stores, restaurants, a school, a museum, and more.

The Springfield Information Theatre.

The Springfield Information Theatre.


The Springfield Information Center is located at the edge of Downtown, but seeing as the building is bright yellow it’s hard to miss. The building is a useful place to begin you exploration of downtown Springfield and more; providing accurate maps, historic information and tips.

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