Public Services in Downtown Springfield, Oregon

Downtown Springfield is full of unique businesses. From performing arts halls to antique shops there is always something new to explore. Behind the scenes the public services provided by the city keep everything running smoothly. Image

The Chamber of Commerce is located right as you cross the bridge and enter downtown. It’s a perfect stop for those unfamiliar with the city as well as those wanting to keep up on upcoming city events. Their website is a fast and easy way to find what interests you. They can also be reached by phone at (541) 746-1651.


Located on 4th and S A street, the Springfield bus station provides easy access to the heart city. The LTD website provides arrival and departure times as well as mapping routes.


The Municipal Court and Jail are located on 4th and B Street. The giant, tan building is easy to spot. If you have questions about the local law enforcement their website contains the necessary material.

The City Hall and Library are contained in the same building located on A street and spans over 6th. If you are interested to sit in on a council meeting just go to their site and find and upcoming one. There are always new projects being worked on and this is a great way to get your voice heard. The library also provides free access to books and other information technologies. A great way to spend a day in the rainy Oregon winter. The website is

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