International Students at the USA’s college

Duing 2012, there are a lot of international students came to the USA’s college, and the amount of the number is still growing. There are some websites that talked about international students at the USA’s college. Those website also have the Twitter account and they also talked about those issue on the website.

Study in the STATES

Basically, the Study in the States is a offical website and it made by US government. People can use this website to do some research about the information of universities.In the Twitter, it has a lot of news, or links that are very useful for the international students.

This twitter just showed to people there are some increasing about the number of international students in 2012.

H1 Base

This is a website that to introduce some information about H1 Visa for the international students. It also helps that the international students to find a job in the USA after they finish the college.

The Twitter is introduce that what knid of major are international students would like to choose.

International Students

International Students is a website that as a resource to help international students to find any information they need for their life or study during the USA. In the Twitter, it used a article from the CNN to talked about the Chinese students as a part of international students that how to study in the USA’s college.

This is a report from the CNN, and it talk about the increasing of Chinese students as part of international students.

About Linhan Yang

A Chinese student at the University of Oregon.
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