Feminism on Twitter

Jay Rogers

January 19, 2013


So we’ve covered the bad image the patriarchy gives to feminism. Next step: find out who is ignoring that and standing up for feminism. This list includes brave souls who don’t mind being called a feminist in order to persuade humanity towards peaceful coexistence.

1. Women Organized Now  posts a few times an hour, which include inspirational quotes along with funny comments about gender.

2. Feminist Current is posted from Canada, and the tweets mostly consists of links to relevant articles about sensitive topics.

3. Women Living Under Muslim Laws gives great perspective on how the country you live in doesn’t define your place as a woman in society. Other factors, here specifically religion,  apply rules to genders internationally.

4. Summer led the Women_For_Obama campaign on Twitter. ‘Nuff said.


5. Peter Tatchell frequently posts about humanitarian issues and is an advocate for LGBTQ freedom.

6. TEDtalks. TED invites educated, known speakers to publicly discuss feminist issues, which are highly informative and always give fresh perspective to familiar movies and subjects. Here is an example of a shorter video about how men are never given the chance to defend against patriarchy while women are brought up learning to safeguard against rapists.

2-3:50 MW

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