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Photo from wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia

Since the 76ers moved to Philadelphia in 1963, it’s hard to find another city in America with such a loyal, dedicated, and demanding fan base.  Philly fan’s are infamously known for being brutal, and at some degree, brutally honest.  When their team is losing consecutively they boo–maybe even going as far as throwing snowballs at a Santa Claus during a home game–but who are we to judge?  Winning means a lot to the city of Philadelphia and the way people report about their beloved Sixers works to reflect that.

Photo from Philadelphia Inquirer

Photo from Philadelphia Inquirer

John Mitchell, of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article entitled, “The more we see of the 76ers, the more evident it becomes that change is not always good.”

This title doesn’t suggest that he’s optimistic that the Sixers can overcome their early season woes but gives readers the impression that hope is slowly diminishing–like the cartilage in Andrew Bynum’s left knee.  While remaining mostly objective, Mitchell does do his best to point out key changes in the roster and explains how they are possibly to blame for the Sixers underachieving this season.

At one point in the article Mitchell writes, “The roster upheaval is most often cited as the reason, and there is truth to that. It’s difficult to maintain defensive continuity, especially when you lose your best perimeter defender (Andre Iguodala) and your best interior defender (Elton Brand).”  While this can’t be proven true, it also can’t be proven to be untrue.  It is simply a matter of opinion that he tries to support throughout the remainder of the article.

Dan Gelston, who reported for both CBS Philly and the Philadelphia Tribune,  is another writer who covers the 76ers consistently.  His most recent article was published on January 15 and it addresses the concerns that Philly fans have with All-Star center Andrew Bynum and his ongoing knee injuries.

Photo From: sidelinestoriez

Photo From: sidelinestoriez

“The Sixers can offer Bynum more years and money than any other team. With good reason, they want to know what kind of Bynum is on the market: The L.A. All-Star or the Sixers’ Sidelined Center.”  In this, Dan Gelston proposes the question most Philadelphia basketball fans are asking, “what kind of Bynum are we going to see when the 7-footer finally puts on a uniform?”

Photo from: CSN Philly

Photo from: CSN Philly

Dei Lynam is the Sixer insider at CSNPhilly.  She covers almost every 76er game and has also shed light on the 76ers disappointing season.

In her January 17th post, “Collins sees hope returning to Andrew Bynum” Lynam uses the lede, “Andrew Bynum was noticeable at Sixers practice on Thursday — for more than his hair — because he added movement to his shooting drills.”

While mocking a bit, Bynum’s fashionable new doo, Dei uses a joke to attract the reader and urges them to keep reading.  Her article covers the interview to which Bynum finally gives a timetable of his return, which is to be hopefully the week after the All-Star break.

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