University of Oregon’s Science Campus: Tip of the Iceberg

Today, I took my first trip ever into the quiet jungle of the science campus. I found a library, dark hallways, classrooms, labs upon labs of mysterious and expensive equipment, and not many people. Willamette Hall seemed to have more teacher offices, classrooms, and lecture halls, while Onyx Bridge, Klamath, and Streisinger seem to be geared towards research labs.


The impressive entrance hall of Willamette. Tons of concrete and metal.


The dark, borderline frightening fourth floor of Onyx Bridge. Either some pretty high-level, secretive research goes on here, or nothing does.


Some chill flora experiments on the second floor of Onyx Bridge.


One of the many intriguing laboratories located in Willamette Hall.


The Science Library. A lot of mind-bending books and pensive, brilliant thinkers thinking. Very quiet.


A long, bright corridor of classrooms and labs in Pacific.

The basement of Willamette also houses the physics labs. In the end, I learned nothing, because I couldn’t find anyone to talk to. But I did get the feeling that the science campus is a very different place from anywhere else on campus. I’m interested to learn more about what goes on here in the graduate labs and behind closed doors.

–Ben Stone

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