Beat Blog: The Top Tweets About Prison Funding

With the large amounts of gun control legislation being thrown around our nation, people have been writing about prisons, guns, etc… There are several sites that have been keeping an eye on the current state of our fine correctional system, and I would like to take a moment to share those with you.

Correctional News

Basically, as the title so hints, this website is a place where people can post articles about thoughts on the prison system. They have numerous written pieces that highlight the most important events and legislation trending around the correctional systems. Somewhere in here has to be more information about the funding towards our prisons.

Adam Liptak

Adam Liptak became the New York Times legal reporter in 2002. Previous experience included being Senior Counsel in The Times legal department. He covers the Supreme Court beat, and has provided several articles for The Times regarding the current state of our legal system.

Danny Shaw

Danny Shaw is the Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC News. He primarily tweets about the current state of our prison system. As you can see from the following tweets, Shaw focuses on the funding and fiscal aspects of our prisons.

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I'm a professional videographer and photographer My interests in storytelling are related to the way people interact with governing bodies, and vice versa. I find joy in telling stories around human interest. My specialties are in videography and photography.
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