Eating as a hobby and for good reason


Marinated grilled pork chop with fresh vegetables and steamed rice.
Phote taken by: Kathy Kwong

By: Kathy Kwong

Food is undoubtedly a part of each of our lives. It comes in various shapes, sizes, textures, colors, ingredients (some hidden or conveniently mislabeled), and even with varying smells.
For me, it is a very important part of my life. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with food. Before I could walk, my parents occupied me with slices of barbecued pork in my highchair as they ran a restaurant business. These days, I have somewhat higher standards than pink-colored pork.

First and foremost, Portland is the closest option for what I deem a variety of palate pleasing options. Portland Monthly Magazine is a definite go to if you don’t already have an endless list of places to try in the food laden city. The magazine is always in-the-know on what’s new and even offers helpful tips like a foods lovers guide.

Food carts in Portland, a trend that continues to grow are becoming ever so popular as the city grows. Not only is the idea of food carts good for small business owners, but more importantly is the fact that it can make the food more personal and well cared for. Having to focus on a few items as opposed to memorizing restaurant size menu’s can make food carts the perfect place for that one dish you’re craving.

Eating local, sustainably, and consciously is also a growing consideration as our food supply is at risk of depletion. Michael Ruhlman, writer and cook, made a good point when he said, “Nothing good comes from shitting where you eat.” Carefully consider where your food comes from or just cook it for yourself. Food is important because it is an essential part of life and we should care about where it comes from and how it affects our lives.

I’m an Oregonian so I’ve read a few issues of FoodDay in my life. Grant Butler, FoodDay writer shares numerous recipes from vegan options to Portlandia food moments. Butler also writes for MIX: Portland’s magazine of food and drink, where I found an easy recipe for one of my very favorite dishes, vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce.

There is something for everyone here. Let’s face it, it is a part of our existence so have fun while it has to be with us. There is a food scene near you and if by chance there is not…make it happen from your home.

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