Science Campus at the University of Oregon

The Lokey Science Complex is the heart of the science campus at the University of Oregon. It includes many buildings, including a library, classrooms, offices, and an underground network of laboratories.
Willamette Hall is its cornerstone building.


Willamette Hall from 13th street


Willamette Hall on the inside

The science complex is broad and beautiful, with various hidden walkways and sitting areas nestled between buildings.


Courtyard at the Lokey Complex

Much of the prestigious scientific research that happens at the University of Oregon occurs in the Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building. The building is little used by students, but instead is a hotspot for professional researches to collaborate, and take on some of the biggest scientific challenges facing society today.


Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building

In short, the science campus is a integral part of the University of Oregon. Its students are hardworking and at times isolated from the rest of campus, often finding solace in their own library instead of the frequently crowded Knight Library. Some of our schools of science have achieved prestigious reputations that put our school on the academic map.


A student biking along one of the elaborate pathways that weave through the science complex

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