Neighborhoods: Gateway

The Gateway neighbor of Springfield Oregon is interesting in its very own way. It is home to the Gateway Mall, Skate World and various stores and restaurants.

Gateway Mall Photo By: Victor Flores

Gateway Mall
Photo By: Victor Flores

The Gateway Mall is home to a wide variety of stores and movie theaters. Featured in the Gateway Mall is Kohl’s, Chuckie Cheese, Ross and a wide variety of other smaller stores and arcades. Gateway Mall also has two movie theaters, one of which sells tickets to movies for only $1.75.

Hollywood Video StorePhoto By: Victor Flores

Hollywood Video Store
Photo By: Victor Flores

While the Gateway neighborhood does feature a mall, it also features obvious signs of being affected by economics crisis’s, such as various businesses being out of business. Right outside the Gateway Mall, a Hollywood Video and Circuit City store are have both gone out of business and their buildings still stay standing.

Gateway EMX StationPhoto By: Victor Flores

Gateway EMX Station
Photo By: Victor Flores

A EMX Station stands right outside the Gateway Mall and various other stops are found along Gateway Street making it easy for students and people from other neighbors to enjoy what the Gateway neighborhood has to offer.

Cabela's in the Gateway MallPhoto By: Aleecia Moss

Cabela’s in the Gateway Mall
Photo By: Aleecia Moss

Cabela’s is a store that opened last year at the Gateway mall which has attracted a large amount of costumers from all over Oregon. Since Springfield is the only city in Oregon with a Cabela’s store, people travel from all over the state to come and shop. This is great publicity for the Gateway Neighborhood and the businesses that call it home.

View driving down Gateway StreetPhoto By: Victor Flores

View driving down Gateway Street
Photo By: Victor Flores

Past the Gateway Mall down Gateway Street a wide variety of hotels, stores and restaurants can be found such as, Dutch Brothers Coffee, Panda Express, Best Buy, Micheal’s Crafts, Five Guys and the Shilo Inn.

By: Aleecia Moss

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