Beat Blog of The Increasing of International Students in USA’s Colleges

Since I am a Chinese Student who is studying at the University of Oregon in the USA, so I want to focus on the part of how the international students in the USA’s colleges, how they affect the USA’s society, and how their’s life in the United States.

China Daily is a Chinese news website, and it already has an English vision to introduce the different news in the world.

Spreading their Wing Early just talked about this issue in China. The Chinese students as a big part of the international students in the USA’s college, they are already became the main group to attend the university at the USA, right now, more and more Chinese Students are would like to enrol to a high school in the US, after that, they will go to the University in the USA. The US’s schools also would like to have a meeting with them before those Chinese young people, and help them to choose a good school for them.

In the New York Times, there are also have some articles to talk about the international students in the USA’s Colleges.

New York Times’education reporter Tamar Lewin wrote a good article to intoriduce the Chinese Students as internationa students are taking more seats at the university in the USA.

Tamar Lewin on Tweeter: @tamarnyt

Also in the US News Education, there is a article talked about the how many international students increased between 2011 and 2012 in the USA’s colleges. The article said that the international students contiune to flock the USA’s colleges.

The author of this article is Katy Hopkins, she is a education repoter on US News, and she has a lot of articles about the US’s college.

Katy Hopkin on Tweeter: @Katy_Hopkins

Katy Hopkin on LinkedIn

In the HUFFPOST COLLEGE, Justin Pope also wrote a article to talked about the situation of international students in USA’s Colleges. It just talked about how the changing made by the international students in 2012.

Justin Pope on Tweeter:@JustinPopeAP

Foreign Students at US is another article to intorduce the increasing of the international students in the US in the GlobalPost, and it wrote by Samantha Stainburn. Samantha is a writer for breaking news in New York.

Samantha Stainburn on Tweeter: @SamStainburn

About Linhan Yang

A Chinese student at the University of Oregon.
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