Glenwood Beat: Visualizing the Boundaries

Glenwood is the area nestled in between Eugene and Springfield. Here is a look at the boundaries of the area.


© Alan Sylvestre

Roaring Rapids is a locally owned pizza joint on the Northeast point of Glenwood. While we were there, there were some people ordering pizza and enjoying the wonderful merry-go-round.


© Alan Sylvestre

Bring’s Recycling makes up the Southeast part of Glenwood. People come here to use their creative juices and recycle already existing home furnishings and other recyclable materials.


© Alan Sylvestre

The Willamette River makes up the North boundary of Glenwood. It’ a popular hotspot for people to kiyak and enjoy many other activities. While we were there, there was a group of people hanging along the bank of the other side of the river.


© Alan Sylvestre

Ace Trading Co. is nestled right in the center of Glenwood. It’s a popular place where people buy and sell used equipment and electronics. In fact, upon visiting, people were browsing the racks of electronics.


© Alan Sylvestre

Planned Parenthood makes up the furthest south part of Glenwood. They provide a multitude of services and when we arrived, the parking lot was full and there was a line in the waiting room for services.


© Alan Sylvestre

On the west side of Glenwood is the recycling and garbage company known as Sanipac. There offices were full of people working hard to keep our streets clean. Yes, pun intended.

These are the main attractions/the boundaries of Glenwood.

About alansylvestre

I'm a professional videographer and photographer My interests in storytelling are related to the way people interact with governing bodies, and vice versa. I find joy in telling stories around human interest. My specialties are in videography and photography.
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