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Rihanna on the 2009 cover of Glamour.
Photo: MindMarked (Flickr)

I have always been interested in pop culture and I love exploring trends in the entertainment world. I’m talking anything from Justin Timberlake’s new single (check it out here) to the most memorable moments from this evening’s Golden Globe awards (LOVE this review from Glamour). I try to stay up to date in the entertainment world and below I’ve listed some of my old favorites in the pop culture world and some hidden gems!

Megan Angelo – Glamour contributor for comedy and pop culture

Megan Angelo is also a writer for the New York Times and has previously worked for the Wall Street Journal and Marie Claire. Angelo writes with a witty and quick sense of humor that holds my attention. She wrote the Golden Globes post that I mentioned above but she also posts (almost) daily with new perspectives on the biggest and best in television.

-Review of the show Nashville, she called last weeks episode “one of the best hours of television I have watched in a long, long time”. 

-Angelo leads her readers in a discussion of ABC’s newest Bachelor, Sean Lowe.

Follow her on Twitter, I do.

Michelle Ruiz – News Editor at Cosmopolitan 

Michelle Ruiz pulls double duty as the News Editor for Cosmopolitan and as the writer of most of the entertainment stories in the magazine. She is a writer with personality and it shows. She also wrote an article about the Academy Awards (popular topic these days) and reading the article felt a lot like having a conversation with a girlfriend.

-Ruiz created this piece on Editor and Chief, Joanna Coles, luncheon with 100 of the most powerful women in the fashion, music, television and political scene. Impressive.

-For me, pop culture and entertainment spans beyond a blockbuster movie and what Angelina Jolie had for breakfast. I admired Ruiz for taking a step in the right direction with this review on “Not Your Mother’s Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider.

Ruiz is on Twitter too!

Keith Staskiewickz – Pop Culture writer for Entertainment Weekly’s

I tend to follow more of the female writers in the entertainment world, but after checking out Keith Staskiewickz’s work on the EW Pop Watch blog, I’m sold. He doesn’t write like he’s my best friend but states the facts with some tongue and cheek comments added on. I like it.

-Staskiewickz’s piece on Miss America actually had me laughing out loud at his call out of Miss Iowa’s flawed comments on marijuana use.

Here is a piece he did on Jaimie Foxx and the controversy of the portrayal of slavery in Django Unchained.

Zach Dionne – Writer for Vulture

Another male in the entertainment writing world, Zach Dionne. I appreciate his articles range, from a Modern Family recap to this article on a freestyle rap from Kendrick Lamar. His writing is professional and clear with his own style and opinions mixed in. It’s worth reading.

– A review of Justin Timberlake’s comeback song, “Suit and Tie”

– Here’s a quick update on the movie plans of the hit website Funny or Die

He’s on Twitter, too!

So, that’s it! Two of my favorite entertainment ladies and two new gentlemen that I stumbled across.

By: Caitlin Taylor

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