Women’s Basketball & The People Who Write About It

For this beat blog, I am looking to cover the people who write about women’s basketball in college. Women’s basketball is often not the most popular sport and so it can be hard to get people to care about going to games or to even follow a certain team. That being said, I want to cover three different writers to see how they write about the sport as they try to sell it to people and how they cover the different aspects of the game. Whether it be video highlights of games, live tweet updates, or just reporting the breaking news as it comes in, I hope to compare the writers to each other and see how different approaches to writing can be interpreted and which method is most likely to be accepted by the general audience. The writers I am choosing to cover are: Michelle Smith, Mechelle Voepel, and Rebecca Lobo.

Michelle Smith:

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith

Michelle is a beat writer located in San Francisco, California. She has covered pro and college sports for different media outlets such as AOL Fanhouse and the San Francisco Chronicle. She is also the founder of leftcoasthoops.com, which covers women’s basketball on the West Coast (ESPN.com). By covering her, I am hoping to find how her contributions the ESPN have helped shaped women’s basketball and how she covers the schools in the Bay Area.

Mechelle Voepel:

Mechelle Voepel

Mechelle Voepel

Mechelle has been writing for ESPN.com since 1996 and has covered a variety of sports such as women’s college basketball, the WNBA, and other espnW collegiate sports. (ESPN.com) Since she has been writing for so long, I am interested to see how has she has grown as a writer and if she has adapted to the modern age of using social media sites to connect with fans.

Rebecca Lobo:

Rebecca Lobo

Rebecca Lobo

Rebecca will be an interesting writer to cover because she was once a player herself for the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team. In fact, she won the 1995 Naismith National Player of the Year Award after she led her team to its first national championship. She was part of the gold-medal-winning Olympic team in 1996 and continued to play seven seasons in the WNBA, and she now covers basketball for ESPN (ESPN.com). I am eager to compare her writing styles to the other two beat writers because I think that as a former player she will have more input to give and will be able to understand the players in a way that most beat writers cannot.

-All pictures and bio information came from the writers respective ESPN pages.

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