Linda Clarkson – A Glimpse

Linda Clarkson

Photo taken by K. White, 6-2011

I grew up in Eugene and am finally realizing my life-long dream to earn my education at the University of Oregon. I wanted to write so I completed my AAOT at Lane Community College and transferred to the U of O School of Journalism and Communication. By then, my path revealed that I wanted to write people’s stories and further extended to writing about anything. The SOJC was the perfect place to earn my BA in Journalism.

When I graduate in June of 2014, I will begin my Masters in multimedia journalism. Using the written word and multimedia to give a voice to every story I tell, I will discover more about my purpose with each word.

I discovered my passion for interviewing while writing and publishing faculty profiles for Lane Community College, on their myLane website. I secured and conducted each interview, took photographs of my subjects and wrote the profiles. It was a valuable experience to edit these profiles down to 120-175 words.

I edited the Jasper Grange Newsletter for a year. It was challenging writing a column, taking photographs, editing all other entries, and filling in where ever needed to get the monthly newsletter out. I used words and graphics to both inform and entertain the grange members.

My main interest is in telling the stories of ordinary people, sharing the beauty and pain that connects us all.

I am excited about the future and changes taking place in journalism, and what I can contribute.

–Linda Clarkson

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