The New Allen Hall

Prof. Tom Wheeler says he will consider postponing his retirement, when asked on his thoughts about the new Allen Hall.

Prof. Tom Wheeler says he will consider postponing his retirement, when asked on his thoughts about the new Allen Hall.

Eugene, Ore. – Allen Hall is completed and in full operation as classes resumed winter term after an entire year of renovation and construction. The brightly lit facility welcomed student, staff, alumni, and visitors back with a modern touch, green technology and even adorned some of the walls with messages from passersby.

The new building has an open set up all around. The third floor is the digital commons area equipped with projection screens, group collaboration space as well as accommodating rooms for large teams to work together. Tables and chairs are arranged neatly and abundantly on each floor–contrary to a makeshift journalism school some may recall from the previous year.

Students and faculty were found admiring the building as operation was underway Monday.

“I’m thinking of postponing my retirement another five years,” said Tom Wheeler, School of Journalism and Communications (SOJC) professor of writing, ethics, editing and founder of Flux Magazine. Mr. Wheeler goes on to say that, “What really matters is what this facility is doing to enhance learning.”

One feature builders did not slack on was the lighting in the new facility. Upon entering, the building boasts lumination to the open space and large windows complement that.

Deb Morrison, SOJC professor of Advertising, raved about the lighting. She’s even projecting shadows of the words “Ideas and Yo” from the sunlight beaming through her office window.


Yet, while some are ecstatic about the change, there are others who are less than moved.

Charlie Dietz, a second-year grad student and research partner with Professor Peter Laufer, was less than impressed with the new Allen Hall. “Neh, its just another building. I guess these days with a new building, this is what I would expect. So much hype was put into it.”

Allen Hall will be hosting a Grand Opening event on March 1, 2013 at 1 p.m. All are welcome to join in and celebrate. You can be your own judge after that.

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