Sticking with Oregon: Students React to Kelly’s Big News


UO Senior Ellie Boggs believes that Chip Kelly’s choice to remain at the University will mean success in future years.

According to NBCS Sports, Chip Kelly opted to stay on as head coach of the Oregon Ducks, despite tempting offers from the National Football League (NFL). Though Kelly’s career at the University of Oregon (UO) is comparatively brief, he is the only coach that many UO students have ever known.

The Ducks’ stunning success during Kelly’s tenure has made him a popular figure in the University community. The announcement comes as positive news not only for the Oregon Football program, but also for many of the UO student body.


Senior Yang Zhao was thrilled about the news, convinced that Chip Kelly will lead UO to the championship title next year.

While senior Taylor Johnston claimed to be “completely indifferent” about the whole thing and several students claimed not to know enough to comment, others were ecstatic. Junior Ethan Kelly said that it was comforting to know that Kelly has such a deep commitment to the Ducks: “If he wasn’t already the best coach ever, he is now.”

Many students believe that Chip Kelly’s decision to stay promises success in the coming football season. University senior Yang Zhao, was even emboldened enough by the news to make a radical prediction: “He [Kelly] will bring the Ducks to the National Title next year.”

Senior Ellie Boggs believed that Kelly’s decision could even have positive effects outside of the game: “I think it’s great for our University’s structure. Success builds on success.”

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