Chip Kelly Drama Hardly Bothers Students


Staci Lorch, junior business major

Chip Kelly has decided to remain as head coach of the Oregon Ducks, declining a coaching offer from the NFL. While more sports-inclined students may be moved by the decision, those with less-related majors were for the most part, indifferent.

Rory Beck, a senior digital arts major, heard the news mostly through Facebook. “To be completely honest I’m kind of indifferent,” he says on the matter. Jessica Bateman, a sophomore political science major, admitted, “The amount of worry was overrated but I’m happy.”

A more interested junior business student Staci Lorch said, “I think it’s great and it keeps us as national title contenders.”

Whether one is a football fan or not, Kelly’s decision will surely impact Oregon’s renowned football program, the success of which has proven to garner national attention for our school.

Lucas Stewart, Tal Mizrachi, Group 2

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