Jay Rogers

Don’t call me Julia. The people up here don’t say it right. In Houston, it’s pronounced “Jul-ya” with none of this three-syllables business.Image

During high school I worked on the yearbook staff, taking photos, quotes, and designing spreads, and in college I began copy editing for Ethos magazine after freelancing an illustration. I’m really interested in every aspect of journalism, from writing to photography to editing to multimedia, because I love the art of it, but I also understand the importance of publicizing events the mass population would otherwise not be aware of. This is vital because the people in the stories I am most interested to focus on need help and the readers, made newly conscious of the problem, can provide the necessary change.  Rather than pursuing art itself, I chose journalism because of its purpose–to change the world.

During my sophomore year, I applied to Flux stories magazine and received a position as copy editor there. Now, as a junior, I am an associate editor for Flux and Envision, our school’s environmental magazine, as well as a writer for Ethos. With these opportunities as a starting point, I hope to someday end sexism, racism, the exploitation of third world countries, rape, human trafficking, starvation, undereducation, malaria, and homophobia. Or at least plant a stepping stone somewhere.

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