Alan Sylvestre- Eugene Native

Alan Sylvestre © University of Oregon Libraries

My name is Alan Sylvestre, and I’m a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Journalism. I was born in Eugene, Ore., and was raised in Veneta, Ore. with my two parents and one sister. I attended Elmira High School where I was the sports editor for the publication The Falconer and co-director of the Athletic Band. I also served as a news reporter and editorial writer.

When I began my career at the University of Oregon, I was majoring in Music Education. I immediately switched to Journalism after I realized I had a strong love to write and inform people of current events. Journalism incorporates both my love to write and my love to tell a story on relevant issues.

Eventually I want to get a Juridical degree in Intellectual Property Law from a nationally accredited law school and defend artists and musicians against the illegal distribution of their work. Before I pursue Graduate School, I want to write for either a local or national newspaper as either a news or sports reporter.

I’m a Multimedia Producer for FLUX Magazine at the University of Oregon. My area of journalism involves stories about people, cultural, and social issues. I believe that there are some truly incredible people, doing some truly incredible things in the Pacific Northwest.

In my free time I enjoy playing and composing music. I’ve been a member of the Oregon Marching Band for two years, where I’ve served on the Oregon Athletic Band Council on both the Historical and Recruitment Committees. Outside the realm of journalism and music, I work in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts as a Library Student Assistant Level 2 and serve as the President of the Student Advisory Board for the University of Oregon Career Center.

Here’s a link to my portfolio where you can find more information about me for your viewing pleasure.

About alansylvestre

I'm a professional videographer and photographer My interests in storytelling are related to the way people interact with governing bodies, and vice versa. I find joy in telling stories around human interest. My specialties are in videography and photography.
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2 Responses to Alan Sylvestre- Eugene Native

  1. jroger10 says:

    Your portfolio link is broken

  2. Thanks. There was something funny in the http part. I fixed it, so it should be good to go! Enjoy!

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