Q&A With Community Manager Ryan Carlin

Ryan Carlin is the community manager for Roaming Hunger. This is a site that offers everything you can imagine about street food. You can follow Carlin on Twitter at @roaminghunger.

Q1: How did the Roaming Hunger site begin and how many people started this site?

The site was founded by Ross Resnick, who fell in love with street food while living abroad in Hong Kong (2005). Upon his return, he began seeking out a way continue those incredible experiences in America—a few years later Roaming Hunger was born.

Q2: How long has the Roaming Hunger site been running? 


Q3: Can you tell me a little bit about your blog for the site?

The entire site is a hub for all things street food, the blog being an essential element (along with the food truck map, book a vendor and build a food truck options). It’s primary purpose is to promote everything that has to do with street food—from events to interesting articles, we are constantly trying to push forward this incredible foodie movement.

Q4: What is the importance of building connections on the web?

Building connections on the web is one of the most important things we do. Food trucks have an incredibly large online presence (Twitter, Facebook etc) that serve as the foundation for communicating with their consumers. We use these online platforms in the same way. Our main service is based on our interactive food truck map, which we aggregate food truck locations to. Thus, our entire existence is based on building connections with food trucks and the foodies who frequent them.

Q5: Can you give us a little background about your site and tell us what it mainly offers?

-Interactive map of food trucks: choose a city, sort based on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Late night (we have the largest database of trucks– close to 3k trucks)

-Book a vendor: We’ll help you find the perfect food truck to cater your event.

-Start a food truck: as food truck experts, we have access to some of the best food truck builders to help you build the mobile eatery of your dreams.


-Database of trucks: pictures, menus, social media and website links, about section, sort by category (savor, sweet, vegetarian)

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