Beat Blog Q&A: Kristian Winfield of Rip City Project

1. Name: Kristian Winfield
2. Where you are from: Brooklyn, New York
3. What school do you go to: Hampton University, Hampton, Va.
4. When you started at Rip City Project: May 2012
5. What position did you start at: Staff Writer
6. How are you able to watch Trail Blazers games?: NBA League Pass
7. What is your work schedule like?: I don’t work (yet), Full-time student though.
8. Favorite thing about working at Rip City Project: I have a lot of control over what gets put onto the site, who writes for me.
9. Most challenging about Rip City Project: Having to post 30x/month. I haven’t hit that mark yet.
10. What you find most rewarding?: Comments on my articles. That means people took the time out to read the whole thing.
11. You’re favorite sport journalists and what other sports do you cover: Michael Wilbon/Football & College Basketball/Football
12. What’s your dream job?: Producer of a Newscast/GM of NBA team
13. Do you have any other journalism experience?: Used to be a Featured Columnist for the Bleacher Report. Sports Writer on my School Newspaper
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