Beat Blog Q & A: Britt Brombacher

I had a Q & A with Britt Brombacher, who plays video games and blogs about them. She has her own website where she posts her blogs and podcasts about gaming.

Q: How long have you been playing video games? Both PC and console gaming?

A: I’ve been gaming since I was about five years old – I’m 24 now, so for a good chunk of my life!

Q: When did you realize you wanted to start bloging about video games? What about creating podcasts?

A: In late 2010 I found myself bored with my current job situation, so I started up a blog about video games in hopes it would turn into something someday. I started recording podcasts in late 2009 with some internet buddies I met in a gaming forum as a means of keeping in touch.

Q: What is your goal when writing/producing blogs? To inspire the audience to play video games? To inform your audience? All of the above? 

A: I guess a little bit of both! I’m flattered that they find my life and opinions interesting enough to read about.

Q: How do you stay on top of the latest gaming news? Do you purchase and play games that are only of interest to you, or do you also take suggestions? 

A: I like to know all corners of the industry, so sometimes I step outside of my comfort zone and play games I normally wouldn’t. And of course I purchase those that interest me. But other than that I read videogame news sites and blogs daily. 

Q: What is the most satisfying aspect about video game bloging? Are there any obstacles during the process of creating a video game blog? 

A: I love meeting new people and forming new relationships, and seeing as I get to do that with my blog through comments and such, that’s definitely the most satisfying part! As far as obstacles go, as with any blog, you need to be really motivated and driven to produce new content daily. It’s tough, but it’s totally worth it!

Britt’s Twitter

Britt’s website

-Abby Bochsler

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1 Response to Beat Blog Q & A: Britt Brombacher

  1. Nyasha says:

    A nice little interview! I also did a small interview with her recently. I hope you’ll check it out and comment soon 🙂

    Wish she said more about your third question, there’s a lot to say in my opinion!

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