Travel Beat

I have decided my beat will focus on travel and the news surrounding world travel from the American perspective. I want to find out how and where the average American citizen finds news and resources surrounding world travel. Understanding that world travel is quite a broad topic, I will try to focus on mostly unique and less urban destinations around the world. I have never followed travel news prior to this assignment but was inspired to choose this topic after studying in London this summer and traveling in Europe for the first time. From what I have gathered thus far most major news sites have sections specifically for travel. Most of the information includes overviews of destinations, tips, advice, resources, general news and happenings, etc. I also discovered some sites intended for travel journalists. Since my niche within journalism leans towards multimedia rather than print, I referenced some video and television travel sites as well.  I aspire to work in the documentary film industry one day while simultaneously feed my hunger for world travel so I figured this topic would be appropriate, entertaining, and informative. Here are some of the top travel sites I have gathered:

Travel on

International Travel News

HuffPost Travel

CNN Travel

Chicago Tribune Travel

Society of American Travel Writers

Travel Journalists Guild

National Geographic Traveler

Travel Channel

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