Student Drivers Voice Their Opinion About the Election

Eugene, Oregon – Many students at the University of Oregon have already voted, but didn’t have much interest in most of the measures. However, they did have an opinion about the presidential election.

Quinn Peterson, a student at the UO, said he voted a few days ago. Peterson said he wasn’t too interested in most of the measures.

 “Honestly, there wasn’t that much in the ballot that I was interested in,” Peterson said, “And I ended up skipping over a lot of the measures just because I didn’t know what they were about.”

Peterson said his vote was for Obama as well as for Peter DeFazio. Peterson said he only watched pieces of the presidential debates since he feels they get frustrating.

If Romney were elected, Peterson said he would be “really disappointed.” He said Romney’s views are a little different than his.

“It’s kind of scary,” Peterson said, referring to if Romney were elected.

Angelyn Hall, another student from the Salem, Oregon area, said she has not voted yet. She said she just received her ballot, which was forwarded to her by her mom.

Hall isn’t sure which measures she wants to vote on, but she hears her parents bickering about it all the time.

As for president, Hall said she plans to vote for Romney.

“I’ve never liked Obama’s policies,” Hall said, “I didn’t like McCain, but I would have chosen him over Obama.”

If Obama was reelected, Hall said she probably wouldn’t say a lot, and would just shake her head.

Hall’s view on measure 80 about the legalization of marijuana was to legalize it. She feels that people are going to do it anyway.

“They’re just not going to do it illegally,” Hall said, “It’s not a big deal and everyone is making it a big deal.”

Talia Davis, a sophomore from Portland, Oregon, said she has already voted and chose to vote for Obama.

The issues that were most important to Davis were education, the situation in Iran, and any issues with women. She said she also voted for the local measures.

Davis’ view on measure 80 was if it were to be legalized, it would be heavily taxed and be accessible to young children.

“I already think we have a huge access to it,” Davis said, “I have a lot of younger siblings and they’re all in middle school, and it scares me to see them around that type of stuff.”

If Romney were reelected, Davis said she would be a little worried.

“I don’t really think he knows what he’s doing,” Davis said, “He understands how to work on a state level, but when it comes to nationally, I don’t think he really knows what he would be getting himself into.”

She feels that Obama has already had his four years to warm up, and if he got another four years, he could really make a change.

-Abby Bochsler

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