Obama or Romney? Who are University of Oregon Students Voting for

Students speak out about who and why they are voting in the upcoming election. 

With 10 days left to vote the students of University of Oregon are speaking out about their views on the upcoming election for President.

The thought of which presidential candidate to vote for is on everyone’s minds. Controversial topics such as the economy, health care, abortion, same sex marriage, and foreign policy are just a few of the topics that are at the forefront of the election. Both of the candidates have different views on most of these topics. For college students it is going to be the first President of their adult lives. Finding a job after college is hard right now, so choosing which candidate is going to change that is essential to a student’s future.  Everyone has to ask themselves Obama, Romney, or don’t vote at all.

The views of the students on campus were just as divided as the candidates. Olie Bowden, a skateboarder on 13th near the EMU, said “I’m not gonna vote this year because I don’t want to. I don’t support Obama either because I think he is a puppet kinda just like George Bush was. I have some weird political views though.”

Outside the library, Patrick Hull standing on top of his small neon skateboard said “I’m not a big fan of any of the GOP. I’m probably leaning towards Romney. Frankly I didn’t think Obama got the job done. And that has a lot to do with the polarization of congress and basically the failure to compromise with the right and the left. I think its really time for a change. You know, if your not doing the job you fire someone. I don’t like Romney but Obama is kind of a sinking boat. Romney is like the raft in shark infested waters, in the middle of the hurricane, and you don’t want to go on the raft but your not going to stay on the boat. Its how I look at it.”

Other students were more to the point like freshman, long boarders Kennedy Morgana and Stephen Barradough who both said they were voting for Obama. Morgana’s reason for voting for Obama is “because Romney sucks.” Barradough said he was also voting for Obama because he wants to let Obama finish out what he has planned. He felt that if Obama’s plan were to have another four years it would be better because Romney is just going to cancel out what’s already been done.

These four student’s all voiced their opinion, and its now up to everyone to vote.

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