Midterm Post: UO Longboarders Weigh in on Presidential Election

Skating over the issues in upcoming presidential election

UO skateboarders and longboarders speak out about Republican and Democratic presidential candidates


J361 Reporter

Kennedy Morgana with her longboard

Eugene – The UO skating community show a varying opinion on a favorable candidate as Obama supporters want to see his plan play out and a supporter of Romney says it’s time for a change.

With the looming presidential election and a nation divided, University of Oregon Reporting 1 students went out into the community and questioned the skating community on who they were likely to vote for. As the reporters spanned the UO campus, Kennedy Morgana was spotted traveling along on her longboard. When Morgana, a UO freshman, was questioned her answer was clear, “I’m voting for Obama because Romney sucks.”

Stephen Barradough being interviewed by Emily Carino

Another fellow freshman longboarder also favored President Obama over Romney.  Stephen Barradough thought that Romney would cancel out everything Obama had worked on restructuring in his 4 year term in office. Barradough said, “I feel like we should just let Obama finish out what he has planned.” The other two subjects questioned did not back Obama, and one subject wasn’t going to participate in voting in this year’s election.

Right outside the Knight Library stood Patrick Hull, a skateboarder, who spoke on who he thought was a worthy candidate to win the presidential race. “I’m not a big fan of any of the GOP. I’m probably leaning towards Romney,” said Hull.

Patrick Hull expressing his opinion on the presidential candidates

His opinion was weighed by his feelings on Obama’s ability to get the job done right. Hull said, “I think it’s really time for a change. You know, if you’re not doing the job you fire someone. I don’t like Romney, but Obama is kind of a sinking boat.” Hulls entire perspective on this presidential race was summed up in a single statement.

“Romney is like the raft in shark infested waters, in the middle of the hurricane, and you don’t want to go on the raft but you’re not going to stay on the boat,” Hull said. Hull’s favoring of Romney was not shared by the last subject Olie Bowden.

Olie Bowden, a UO longboarder

Olie Bowden, a longboarder skating near the EMU Amphitheater, was neither a Obama or Romney supporter.  Bowden said, “I’m not gonna vote this year because I don’t want to. I don’t support Obama either because I think he is a puppet kinda just like George Bush was.” Actually, Bowden was quick to explain that his views were probably not held by the majority of potential voters this year.

“I have some weird political views though, and I’m not going to live here, moving out of the country after this next year,” Bowden said.  His imminent move out of the country swayed his view on voting this year as he said, “I don’t want to have anything to do with what like people are actually doing here.”

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